Course Content

    Oracle Database 12c:
    Performance Management and Tuning
    • Introduction
    • Basic Tuning Diagnostics
    • Using Automatic Workload Repository
    • Defining the Scope of Performance Issues
    • Using Metrics and Alerts
    • Using Baselines
    • Using AWR-Based Tools
    • Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring
    • Monitoring Applications
    • Identifying Problem SQL Statements
    • Influencing the Optimizer
    • Reducing the Cost of SQL Operations
    • Using SQL Performance Analyzer
    • SQL Performance Management
    • Using Database Replay
    • Tuning the Shared Pool
    • Tuning the Buffer Cache
    • Tuning PGA and Temporary Space
    • Automatic Memory
    • Performance Tuning Summary with Waits
    • Oracle Database Cloud Service: Overview

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